Gus G. “I Am The Fire” (featuring Devour the Day)

Guitar virtuoso Gus G. has released “I Am the Fire” featuring Devour the Day as the first single from his forthcoming album by the same name. The album is set to be released in Europe on March 17 and North America on March 18.

Download the “I Am the Fire” single on iTunes

Gus G. I Am the Fire ft. Devour the Day

A note from Joey about the “I Am the Fire” collaboration:

“As you guys know, passion and drive and the positivity to see that through is something that we believe in VERY much here in Devour the Day. That being said, here’s a little story all about how, our life got flipped turned upside down.

A few months back we caught wind that Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne’s lead guitar player) was doing a solo record (YES!!!). He was 99% of the way done, but he felt like there was a track missing. We later discovered he had listened to many bands current songs and Blake’s voice and attitude (and devilish good looks) really stood out to him. His people called our people and a few weeks later Blake and I received an instrumental track called “13”. We had a mission…to write melody and lyric for a new Gus G. track! Pressure!

We started to throw around ideas. As the song lyrics started to take shape we really wanted to change the perspective of the voice. Who was singing this song? We wanted it to be from the point of view of passion itself, What would determination say if it could talk. If the fire that burns inside you, could give you advice, what would it say?

We were on to something.

We flew to L.A. And Gus loved the idea and we immediately started work on tracking the vocal. Then Gus came in and recorded a solo that bent the very fabric of time and space, no biggie.

“I AM THE FIRE” is meant to be inspirational. We want the listener to feel empowered as they conquer their next challenge. It has awesome guitar work, killer tones and a great mix of Gus G. And Devour the Day, like a super futuristic rock Voltron.

Pick up “I AM THE FIRE” on iTunes here

Get your hands on all of Devour the Day’s debut record “Time and Pressure” available now worldwide here!

Hope you guys enjoy, much love!”

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